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Unusual Frequency (BETA)

4 pack cans


a veil-style double india pale ale, double dry-hopped with citra, galaxy and mosaic

Having collectively been in this industry spanning more than a decade, the one thing that we’ve learned is that we don’t know anything at all. With that, quite possibly the most important lesson we’ve learned about beer and well, life in general, is to avoid absolutes. Co-existing in a beer world saturated with milkshakes and ‘mallows, we’ve coasted by for years releasing tree-filled tasty treats and sizzling stone steinbier bangers. From daily dosages of beets and carrots to native mixed-ferm sugary snacks like the paw paw fruit and muscadine grape, we have always attempted to embrace and humbly offer beers made using ingredients from our Appalachian home.

As a brewery who has always focused on and embraced clear and west-coast style IPA’s, what we are about to share might shock and surprise. Are y’all sitting? Cool. We present to you, for the very first time, an unfiltered, or whatever you want to call it, IPA. Yeah yeah, we know most of the brewing industry has already moved on from simply brewing an unfiltered IPA, but for us, this is a huge deal.

The decision to embrace and execute this style did not come lightly to us. The goal was to approach this captivating style with a sense of Appalachia in mind. As we do with all of our beers, we crafted this boi with local barley malt and local raw heritage grains.

As obvious newbies to the style, our forever homies at The Veil took our hand and showed us the way. Paying respects to their tremendous achievements as a brewery and within this style in particular, we aptly call this a “Veil-style” IPA. Leaning on their graciously shared information, we brewed their style of IPA but with the ingredients that make us who we are. Utilizing water from our wells and local grain along with their hops and techniques, the result is a triumphant and poignant approach to the modern IPA.

ABV: 8.2%

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