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Unusual Frequency [FONTA]

4 pack cans


a fonta flora-style unfiltered double india pale ale dry-hopped with hand-selected citra, mosaic and simcoe

At the beginning of 2021, we introduced Unusual Frequency [BETA], the beer that represented our foray into the unfiltered side of the ever-evolving india pale ale. Our buds at The Veil, took our hands and for that, we are forever grateful. This series of beers was a game changer for us and allowed us to appreciate the hard work and attention to detail all of our hazy making homies put into their creations. 

A few months back, we released Unusual Frequency Alpha, a collab with the righteous folks at Bearded Iris Brewing of Nashville, Tennessee. With that offering intentionally being the last collaborative effort in the series, we naturally thought it would showcase the end of the series. 

Though as we were reflecting back on the series, we knew we wanted something a bit more purposeful to serve as the culmination of knowledge, flavor and exploration. We sat down and evaluated all of the different pathways we used to get us to the same end result that is the modern day unfiltered dipa. We took our favorite components from the myriad of techniques and created our preferred style. 

Mashed with local barley and local wheat along with malted and flaked oats. Fermented with our full bodied and low flocci yeast strain for a luxurious body and mouthfeel and turbid appearance. Hopped intensely with a blend of hand-selected citra, mosaic and simcoe, this actual final offering for 2021 represents how far we’ve come as individuals that all make up Fonta Flora Brewery. 

ABV: 8.2%

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