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Wet Heat

4 pack cans


a west coast-style double india pale ale dry-hopped with columbus cryo, strata and talus.

Mashed with a beefed up blend of local barley malt along with a touch of flaked wheat and dextrin malt for a silky and smooth body. Hopped intensely, utilizing some new favorite methods, with a choice blend of hand-selected Columbus cryo, strata and talus. Fermented fully for a crushingly dry finish, especially for a beefier IPA. Layered perfectly, the blend of choice hops ride the taste waves all the way through, providing a balanced bitterness and all the hop flavor to the very end.

Inspired by the westy dipa crushes of yore, we leaned hard into the old school vibes of Columbus but wrapped with a danky cryo bow. Combined with the sexier and more tropical leaning strata and talus, this clear hoppy crusher truly blurs the decades of what we expect the modern day IPA to be.

ABV: 8.5%

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